What are WordPress Backlinks?

I Used the term WordPress Backlinks because currently, our service works as a plugin for WordPress websites. Now let’s define the term “Backlinks”, in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which means everything that points to your website. According to this few lines above, we can consider Backlinks as vote up to my website in the eyes of search engines and one of the most important 200 ranking factors for websites in major search engines.

Wordpress Backlinks

So, to get your WordPress Backlinks that can boost your website rankings. And improve your SERPS can be tough task and money consuming too. And this is because of the way Backlinks works, as High-Quality backlinks, helps your website to rank well. And spammy backlinks can lead to penalization from Google.

Why Mr.Backlink?

Mr.Backlink is the plugin that will do all the dirty work needed to build your WordPress Backlinks campaign. And will guarantee you improvements in Google, Bing and Yandex SERPS ( Search Engine Ranking Pages). Our developer’s team hard-coded the plugin as it relies on custom-made API to ensure the delivery of the targeted Backlinks to the appropriate WordPress Website. With the Selected keyword chosen by the Web owner in the installation step.

With Mr.Backlink you will notice and see live results as proposed by many of our clients in Alexa. Personally, we use this plugin for many of our WordPress blogs and within a week the WordPress Backlinks appear. After Week or Two maximum when you plug-in your WordPress website in Moz Open Site Explorer or Semrush Site Info.

You will see which websites backlinks you. With Mr.Backlink plugin you will dominate major Search engines for competitive or non-competitive keywords of your choice. Not only that, soon we will update our plugin to support websites that work with other CMS or even custom made.








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