30+ WordPress Plugins for Statistics

30+ WordPress Plugins for Statistics

To develop your blog, you have to know something about who’s meeting, why they’re at your website, where they originated from, and where they’re going. This rundown blends data for your eyes just with a couple of you can impart to guests and potential promoters. It’s a piece of a progressing arrangement on WordPress tips.


AWStats Xtended Info – Requires AWStats and includes things, for example, screen estimate, Flash, PDF, and Java bolster.

Backlinks inbound connections counter – Uses MSN to track all your approaching connects to your webpage, not simply from online journals.

Bluetrait Event Viewer (BTEV) – Good details bundle for security as it tracks your logins, erased clients, last passwords, invalid client names and that’s just the beginning. Great approach to watch out for what’s going on in a multi-client blog.

Bsuite – Tracks page loads, seek terms utilized on approaching connections, indicates top performing posts, records related posts at the base of every passage and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

CountPosts – Shows you how often each post gets went by, overlooks visits from you as long as you are signed in as administrator.

DownloadCounter – WordPress enables you to join downloads to posts, yet gives you no real way to tally the downloads. This module will tell you in your administrator board.

Dschini Bot Checker – Lets you know which pages are being checked by which look bots and how frequently.

Sustain Statistics – Monitors your bolsters and reveals to you which perusers are being utilized, the connections the perusers tap on, and which stories they are perusing.

FeedBurner SiteStats Enabler – Helps you introduce the FeedBurner content in your site, guidelines in both Italian and English.

FeedBurner StandardStats – Helps streamline the way toward introducing the FeedBurner content so you can screen your RSS channel insights.

FeedStats – Statistical instrument for checking your nourishes, estimating length of remain on your site and then some. Details show up in the dashboard.

FirStats – Full-included, Ajax fueled details for your administrator territory, smooth development between pages with no compelling reason to reload entire page.

GoStats web counter – Lets you introduce the GoStats counter in your blog, effectively introduced in a content gadget.

Lightstats – Plugin produces bar and pie charts for measurements about posts, remarks, and classifications.

Live – Lets you watch the movement on your blog continuously. See things like posts went to, remarks left and nourishes snatched.

Open Web Analytics – Track online visits, visits, one of a kind guests, clicks, alluding sites, plot guest topography on Google Earth, and substantially more.

Posts/Comments Time – Ever pondered when you should plan to make your posts? This module demonstrates to you the quantity of posts and remarks for the hours of every day so you can better arrangement your presenting times on be before your high remark periods.

Search queries – Straightforward module that just shows what look terms conveyed the guests to your site.

Social Traffic Monitor – Monitors the social locales Digg, Netscape, Reddit, Newsvine, Fark, Slashdot, Del.icio.us, and StumbleUpon, when somebody originates from one of those, it starts keeping records and shows the information to you in a reference chart.

Extreme Google Analytics – Adds the Google Analytics content to your website and checks downloads and outbound connections for you.

Word Count – Sometimes you have to know the quantity of words in your post for blogging challenges, defining objectives for yourself and the sky is the limit from there; this module will do it for you.

WordPress.com Stats – Uses your WordPress API key to pull details and puts them all in a brought together page in your administrator region.

WP OnlineCounter – This module tallies the quantity of presently on the web, most astounding number of guests in the meantime, and the aggregate check of guests. Can likewise design what is shown to the guests.

WP-SlimStat – Tracks the majority of the standard details you’ve generally expected from a details bundle, yet in an exceptionally packed database for less load on your server.

WP-Stats – Very broad measurements bundle concentrating on your number of posts, remarks et cetera.


Akismet Spam Count – Show off your Akismet spam power and let spammers know you’re shielded from their endeavors.

Alexa Rank – Allows you to show your Alexa rank for the world to see.

GeneralStats – Displays your decision of number of clients, classifications, posts, remarks, pages, joins, words in posts, words in remarks and words in pages.

Google PageRank – Display your Google page rank on your first page, helpful when attempting to draw in a few promoters.

Inspire – Display number of clients, posts, pages, remarks, classes, words, and more on your blog for guests to see.

Jon’s Showoff Rankings Widget – Displays your Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Ranking, and Technorati Rank across the board convenient module. (Ed take note of: this module is never again upheld, and the designer prescribes utilizing the gadget form.)

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