7 Considerations Before Building Backlinks

From SEO perspective building backlinks is a very critical piece of the SEO game. As its a signal to your website relevancy from Search Engines Point of view. Backlinks play a big role in deciding whether your website will attain a decent position in Search engines or not. Although Keyword research and On-Site Optimization complete the whole puzzle of the SEO Game. But Backlinks and its quality remain the most dominating SEO factor and chess player role.

Building high-quality and relevant backlinks to your website not only helps your website rankings. But also gives your website extra exposures from external sources. Backlinks act like vote-up for your website when search engines crawl websites and found these websites. In someway leading and linking back to your website. So this will give you extra reputation and more value to your website. And here is the real-hidden power of the building backlinks to your website. But for some reasons, not all backlinks provides value to the website. And in some cases, backlinks act like an invitation to be flagged as webspam at Google Webmaster.

Building BacklinksTop 5 Misconceptions About Building Backlinks

1 – The More Backlinks The More Authority

Many individuals trust that the more backlinks they are building that you have, the better. This isn’t generally valid! While 5,000 profiles can be great, I would preferably have a building backlink from a PR7 homepage than 5,000 building profile backlinks. All backlinks are NOT equivalent. Some backlinks are superior to others, and it’s constantly great to run with quality over amount. For example, 250 article contextual backlinks can regularly be more effective than 5,000 gathering profiles on the grounds that building article backlinks are recorded on more important pages with your article.

2 – ٍSet And Forget Backlink Building Strategy

A typical oversight that I see many individuals make is that they just build backlinks to their site once and after that forget about it. On the off chance that you are running a major site, you have to build and maintain backlinks routinely. In the event that you simply make building backlinks once, your site may not keep going that long in the web index rankings. Building backlinks may get erased, your rivals may make more backlinks, and so forth. You have to make backlinks consistently!

3 – Diversify Diversify Diversify Till You Die

Another misconception that has as of late been in the news is the possibility that utilizing a similar grapple content for the majority of your backlinks is alright. Many individuals took in the most difficult way possible as of late with a current refresh that keeping your grapple message the same for all your backlinks may diminish the energy of these backlinks. Web crawlers will see this as unnatural and may endeavor to restrain the impact of these backlinks profile so you should and not only should you ought to diversify while building backlinks. Because Google really hates the spammers and this is pure spam to give the same anchor text to all of your backlinks.

4 – Naked URLs in Link Building Is Good As Anchor Text

Since we are on the point of an anchor and contextual backlink building, another myth that many individuals accept is that you HAVE to have some sort of anchor content. This isn’t generally valid. You can even now get some advantage from only a URL address without an anchor content. While this may not give as quite a bit of a lift for a particular catchphrase, it can assist you by and large with some of your rankings and conceivably enhance your rankings for various keywords. On the off chance that somebody offers you a free PR3 interface with simply your URL, hop on it! Anchor content doesn’t generally need to be available for an impact!

5 – Too Many Backlinks Can Kill You This Is A Lie!

At long last, I will discuss a standout amongst the most faced off regarding subjects in backlinking. The possibility that to numerous backlinks will punish you. Many individuals swear this is valid. From my experience, however, I will call this a myth. I have NEVER had a site that was restricted by Google for too numerous backlinks. Likewise, no place in Google’s website admin rules do they say that backlinks are an explanation behind potentially being prohibited. Here is a remark.

Final Thoughts On Building Backlinks

On the off chance that to numerous backlinks could punish your site, what is preventing individuals from making a large number of backlinks to their rival? Partnerships burn through a large number of dollars on SEO work and ensuring they rank at the best. Is the appropriate response extremely simply making a couple of thousand backlinks and harming their rival? Obviously not. Google knows this, and they realize that in the event that anybody could punish anybody’s site, the internet searcher list would be stuck in an unfortunate situation. You’re NOT going to get punished for too numerous backlinks.


The direct outcome imaginable is that the web indexes make sense of that you’ve made a great many backlinks. And afterward, bring down the estimation of those backlinks driving you to lose the rankings you once had. It might likewise prompt a change in rankings as the web crawlers endeavor to make sense of where your website ought to be put. You’re not going to get prohibited, however. Whenever I’ve conversed with somebody who swears their site was prohibited for backlinks, I generally wind up discovering something on their site that was breaking the website admin rules.


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