Double Your Traffic With Long-Tail Keywords

To pick the right keywords for your niche this process can take out the most time of your copywriting activity. To craft decent, compelling and killer SEO-friendly piece of content. As many of you knows that crafting SEO copy¬†always starts with Keyword Research. But for many who don’t know the real power of Long-Tail Keywords in driving more traffic.

Long-Tail Keywords Graph

According to this graph, Long-Tail keywords can be the boost-up nitro for your website. Imagine that you published 10 articles, each built around 10 Long-Tails. Each of those Long-Tail Keywords has around 1k~ 2k search volume. And the most interesting part of Long-Tail keywords that, they are usually low-competition in compare to head keywords and 2-3 words.

Why Are Long Tail Keywords Important for SEO?

Many SEO gurus rank their long-tail keywords without using even single backlink. They just rely on exploiting the real-hidden power of long-tails. Although I should admit that building the right backlinks and paying attention to the considerations before building single backlink. They can not only rank your website, if you built them wrong they will tank your website.

Keyword express that contains no less than three to 5 combinings of words is called Long-Tail Keywords. This can be utilized if one’s site needs to enhance seek terms to a specific site page, and in addition when the web client is scanning for something rather particular and rearranged keywords. Like standard keywords, it is utilized to portray what is on the site page and what the site proprietor needs to be set up under in web indexes and on the web, crawler comes about pages.

In spite of the fact that these keywords are amazingly exact and depict less movement for the site, it can probably draw more important activity, which coordinates more modifications than expected keywords. It can likewise be used in different courses by web client and site page proprietors.

How to Exploit Long Tail Keywords?

 There are many tools online you can find those gold nuggets. Both Paid and free I will list them below so feel free to pick which fits your budget.

1 – KW Finder

Long-Tail Keyword Finder Tool

I personally using them whenever I want to write a piece of content that can appear in SERPS within days of publish. KW Finder is more than long-tail keyword finder tool, they also have a bunch of Amazing SEO tools. To help you build successful SEO campaign.

Join KwFinder

2 – Google Auto-Complete


This feature in Google search is pretty good. They simple as you can see in the picture above. All that you had to do is to type your keyword in the search and Google will complete the rest. Simple as that and It’s free to use, also at the bottom of the first result page you will find “People Also Searched For“. You can build your long-tail keywords list from both of them.

3 – Keyword Tool

Long-Tail Finder

Keyword Tool is one of the best instruments for long tail keyword research because it generates only real keywords that are obtained from Google search suggestions in the real-time. When you do a regular search on Google, the maximum amount of suggestions you see is limited to five, Keyword Tool on another hand will pull for you up to twenty keywords for a search term on Google.

4 – Long-Tail Pro

Long-Tail Pro

Long-Tail pro is the best tool in the market proven by many SEO gurus. In generating Long-Tail keywords from Google Search API. With this tool, you can generate more than 800 hundred long-tails from a given keyword.

In the next article, I will uncover more and more about SEO. And if you liked this article share it with your folks around the web.

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Double Your Traffic With Long-Tail Keywords
Uncovering the real power of the Long-Tail keywords and their ability to double your traffic within a short period of time. As well as converting more.
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