Web 2.0 Sites List 2018

Before we step further into listing our aforementioned web 2.0 sites list, first and foremost we must know what is web 2.0.

What Is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 according to Wikipedia, is technology based on user-generated content UGC for shorthand. To break down each word solely. Web 2.0 websites refer to websites, where which its content is self-populated from its audience base.

Now, we have a clear insight about that. Well, now we can comfortably move to the next step, which is how web 2.0 relates to Building Backlinks.  According to the 200 ranking factors backlinks are considered the most important factor in those.

As it determines the relevancy of the website and how authoritative its content. From which it can decide to move you up position higher in its SERPS. Without much bragging about that area, you can read a full detailed SEO tutorial for beginners you can refer to.

Now, I have compiled a web 2.0 site list which can be executed with your aggressive SEO plan. As well as I will mention why especially those types of backlinks can really make a huge difference for your rankings.

Why Web 2.0 Backlinks

When it comes to Building backlinks to your website, be serious and mean about the quality, not the quantity. Personally, I prefer to build 100 of quality links instead of bulking and blasting with 1000 of shady and bad-neighborhood backlinks.


Simply because this can tank our websites instead of ranking it. Another bad thing can happen which is triggering Google for arising a manual action penalty. Therefore you have a strong reason why you should be very selective with your Backlinks.

To Broke things down, Web 2.0 Backlinks are already-websites with high-quality backlinks profile. Like Blogger, WordPress, Twitter and So on. When you register your subdomain using this property you are taking advantage of their authority.

Thereby, these boost your rankings for your selected keywords and you can read more about the advantage of those backlinks and how they can improve your backlinks profile. But now I will list these Web 2.0 Backlinks List where you can take advantage of them


1 Sites.google.com 100
2 www.blogger.com/ 99
3 www.wordpress.com/ 94
4 www.soup.io/ 94
5 www.myspace.com/ 94
6 www.livejournal.com/ 94
7 www.blog.fc2.com/ 94
8 www.pen.io/ 93
9 www.lycos.com/ 93
10 www.wix.com 93
11 www.rediff.com/ 92
12 www.deviantart.com/ 92
13 www.wix.com/ 92
14 www.storify.com/ 92
15 www.xing.com/ 92
16 www.Storify.com 92
17 www.Evernote.com 92
18 www.yola.com/ 91
19 www.wikidot.com/ 91
20 www.weebly.comsg/ 91
21 www.zimbio.com/ 90
22 www.bravenet.com/ 90
23 www.wallinside.com/ 90
24 www.over-blog.com 90


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