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Mr. Backlink Privacy Policy

Mr.Baclink team is committed to protecting your private data and your privacy generally. This Privacy Policy includes our Website ( and our plugin ( that are owned by Mr.Backlink.

This Privacy Policy Concerns concerning and involving collecting your data, processing, and best usage practices. Besides it also concerned with gathering, analysis and access your personal information. This is done using browser Cookies from third-party advertisers. To track every little pixel stored by your browser with your consent. For the sake of delivering high-quality end-to-end service. Also, we have partnered with other associates for integrating some applications on the website.

What Are Browser Cookies?

Browser Cookies or Cookies generally are small pieces of data dropped into your browser. Every time you visit our website these Cookies is being dropped into your website with your consent. And when you re-visit our website those Cookies are sent back to our highly-secured servers containing information that been gathered from your browser. This information includes browser history, your browsing habits and every action took by you using your browser. After that, these data is filtered using very smart algorithms to choose which Ad appears to which user. By this means, we ensure delivering non-annoying and interest-based ads for our dear users.

If you feel frustrated about Cookies you can see this tutorial on how you can disable Cookies in Chrome browser, disable Cookies in Firefox .And feel free anytime to opt-out of our Cookies using those two tutorials. And if our browser is not listed above, you can Google “How to disable cookies” followed by your browser name.

Anti-Spam Policy

When providing your Email address for any of our services, your email is kept private from the public. To ensure not spamming your inbox or using it for non-proper use of promotion by any means.




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